Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Tattoos (beautiful, functional, and temporary, of course...)

While my SO and I were waiting to leave the armed madhouse that Denver had become in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention, we were sitting in the lobby of our hotel and struck up a conversation with a lovely couple sitting alongside us.

In the course of our conversation, (which included a delightful digression into the phenomenal qualities of *my* favorite politician - none other than Dennis Kucinich!) we discovered that they were not delegates, but entrepreneurs attempting to place themselves at the right place at the right time in order to give their fledgling business a lift.

We could not help but to admire their thinking and their determination - we also could not help but to admire their wares!! Temporary tattoos... a whole series of them... beautiful artwork designed to help spread the message of presidential candidate Barack Obama. Impressed as I was, I promised to help spread the word here at Jefferson Weeps.

So... to honor my commitment, I hereby beseech our readership to take a moment and head over to Here is your chance to show your support for the candidate as well as an opportunity to support one of the small businesses that embody the "American Dream." I think that you will be very pleased with what you find there!

Tales from the road - Denver and Amtrak and DHS...

Ever have one of those times where so much happened that it takes a while to process and/or recover? The ten day period from August 16th to August 26th was just such a time for me...

My SO and I decided that in the interest of avoiding hassles with TSA officials (due to my feelings that the whole airport security process is completely bogus and merely another way to push citizens around...) and avoiding extra-ridiculous (and heavily-armed) security in the Denver airport on our trip home (due to the arrival of the Democratic National Convention) *and* some misguided notion of the "romance of the rails" we recalled from old black & white movies, we would take Amtrak trains from Springfield, MA to Denver, CO and back.

Silly us...

(more to come...)