Monday, October 20, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion (2-of-2) - Biker Poetry

OK... now that I got in *my* plug for The Rogues, I shall now draw your attention to some high-profile exposure recently received by Jefferson Weeps correspondent (and Biker Poet extraordinaire) RoadPoet-NY... Seems that our very own J. Barrett Wolf (or Bear, as he is known to many of us) managed to get some front page coverage on - which is the online extension of the Boston Globe newspaper... Bear gets featured prominently in a story entitled, "The rhythms of the road" which examines the growing popularity and acceptance of Biker Poetry... Why not go and take a look for yourself? The article can be found at: Meanwhile... a hearty congratulations goes out to Bear, along with best wishes for the continued recognition of Biker Poets everywhere!

Shameless Self-Promotion (1-of-2) - The Rogues Acoustic Duo

Howdy all...

Just taking the briefest of moments to draw your attention to the online home of my most recent musical venture... After performing for many years as a solo act and as a member of touring rock bands from New Haven, CT and Hyannis, MA, I am now back on stage and lending my guitar and vocal abilities to an acoustic duo called "The Rogues" based out of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. We can be found online at (keeps us differentiated from all the 'other' Rogues out there...) or you can email/IM us at More details will be coming soon... including news about a full band venture where we will be joined by a bassist and drummer!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've seen the needle and the damage done...

a little part of it in everyone... Neil Young

The damage is done. We have allowed the corporate ideologues and Bush-league political whores to vote themselves the biggest golden parachute in the history of America.

They have chanted 'free-market' while they privatized profits and socialized losses.
They have covered the pasty-white arses of bankers and CEOs while a 90-year-old Akron, Ohio woman commits suicide inside her foreclosed home.
They have pointed fingers at ill-educated borrowers while lowering the standards for lending money - NOT because of any community lending laws - but because they MADE MORE MONEY.

Want to hear loan officers explain what they were doing and why...?


This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money

The coming days will be interesting... in a Chinese curse sort of way.