Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharia my aching arse...

I would ask anyone who thinks there is a threat of Sharia Law being instituted ANYWHERE in this country to explain, using small words and visual aids, their justification for that contention.

Oh...There are some caveats:

a) Since we have a constitution and it contains some very SPECIFIC limits on church/synagogue/mosque influence over the state, what is happening in other countries, under other legal strictures is IRRELEVANT.

b) Any presumption that we are a "Christian nation" or that western religion is somehow inherently superior to, or more correct than, Islam is unsupportable, and IRRELEVANT.

c) There is no proof that ANY religion is correct in assuming there is a god - much less that the god in question is any more the correct one than was RA, Zeus, Yaweh, Jesus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

d) If your religion has a history that includes gratuitous violence, insurrections against the government, crusades, inquisitions or other horrors, you don't get to assume Islam won't become just as spineless and civil as the others did when exposed to Denim jeans, Coca Cola and Rock and Roll and pot.

Now, let's hear some reasoned arguments...

[ crickets.......................................... ]

I thought so.