Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Catch-22 - Impeachment vs. Martial Law

Rep. John Olver (D - MA, 1st District) issued a statement back in July 2007 stating that Congress won't impeach Bush/Cheney - because if they do, Bush/Cheney will bomb Iran, declare a national emergency, institute martial law, and suspend the 2008 elections.

This statement gained notice in October when it was brought to a larger stage through Ralph Nader including Rep. Olver's words in a speech that became widely available on YouTube.

The question now becomes: What makes you think they won't do this *without* the threat of impeachment? Why won't they go ahead and do it anyway? What will we do *then*????

This administration has proven time-and-time-again that they will resort to whatever underhanded means they require in order to advance their agenda. Assume the worst, err on the side of caution - a return to normalcy after martial law can *not* be guaranteed, so the risks are too high in doing nothing...

You're either with us or against us... Congress MUST support Rep. Kucinich's bill to impeach, or face prosecution further down the road...

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