Thursday, January 17, 2008

Once again, the media chooses your candidates for you...

An excellent article with some astute reader comments (always nice to see!) that appeared in the Las Vegas Sun, discusses the exclusion of Dennis Kucinich from Tuesday night's (1/15) nationally televised Democratic "debate."

Originally invited by MSNBC to appear on the program, Congressman Kucinich's invitation was rescinded, causing him to challenge the case in court and present such a powerful argument that the judge ordered the network to allow Congressman Kucinich to participate, under penalty of an injunction that would cancel the entire event. The judge's ruling was that the appearance would be beneficial to potential voters, believing that Nevada voters would be better served by hearing from more than just the "three front-runners."

Unfortunately, the might of the giant, multi-national weapons manufacturer, General Electric, which just happens to own NBC, was brought to bear upon the Nevada judiciary, claiming First Amendment right to show whatever the hell they pleased, and they certainly weren't going to let some peace advocate distract attention from their bought-and-paid-for war party candidates. And MSNBC is a cable channel, so forget your antiquated (and no longer enforceable) fairness doctrines in the media - those only applied to the regular airwaves when they *were* in force...

So there!!! (writer embellishment... sorry...)

The Nevada Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom, sided with the First Amendment Rights of the General Electric Corporation over the the civic responsibilities of the People of the United States to be informed, educated voters and citizens.

Who the hell is General Electric (or NBC, or any media outlet for that matter...) to tell you that these are the only three candidates from which you may choose? Are you going to tell me that Iowa and New Hampshire are truly representative cross-sections of this multicultural melting pot, therefore, the rest of the country would have no reason whatsoever to deviate from the opinions held by these cold, white, predominantly rural, omniscient king-makers?

Hmmm... methinks large groups of Americans have been summarily disenfranchised. I can assure you with the utmost certainty, that the issues of greatest import to the fine folks in Des Moines or Concord are not necessarily identical to those of their fellow citizens in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans or Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The last I knew, all the citizens deserved the opportunity to listen to all the candidates and make their own decisions, thank you very much! (Which reminds me... it looks like the amazingly coincidental correlation between vote fraud and the Electronic Voting Machines from Diebold will have to be discussed in another post...)



(And please, please, please... don't go with the flock mentality, either, huh? "Oh, but everyone else is voting for so-and-so!" Aaarrgghh... do your own homework, OK? You just might be copying your answers to the exams from over the shoulders of a whole lot of the dumbest people in the class - who didn't do *their* howework, either... Thank you...)

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