Monday, October 20, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion (2-of-2) - Biker Poetry

OK... now that I got in *my* plug for The Rogues, I shall now draw your attention to some high-profile exposure recently received by Jefferson Weeps correspondent (and Biker Poet extraordinaire) RoadPoet-NY... Seems that our very own J. Barrett Wolf (or Bear, as he is known to many of us) managed to get some front page coverage on - which is the online extension of the Boston Globe newspaper... Bear gets featured prominently in a story entitled, "The rhythms of the road" which examines the growing popularity and acceptance of Biker Poetry... Why not go and take a look for yourself? The article can be found at: Meanwhile... a hearty congratulations goes out to Bear, along with best wishes for the continued recognition of Biker Poets everywhere!

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