Sunday, November 30, 2008

On race in America - Post Election

I have regularly found posts on various blogs that say more or less: "The government is now going to hand out freebies to blacks." "Now that Obama's elected racism is over and we don't have to worry about it any more." and such like. Racist rationalizing.

Such comments piss me off. But, before I could pump up the righteous anger necessary to fire off a couple of rounds from my semi-automatic Bic, a blogpal of mine from the midwest, who goes by the name "It aint necessarily so" emptied a glorious Gatling Gun on the topic, so, with his permission, I quote him...

How dare you. Who the F do you think you're talking to like that? You and your pale, skinny, toothless, methed-out kind are the majority of the people with their hands out.

And you don't get to decide when equality has been achieved and when individual failure can be attributed purely to individual failings. As long as people like you continue to breathe our oxygen and exert your pernicious influence on the lives o others as you are now, it will be more difficult for some people to succeed than others.

You have to be feeling pretty inferior to want to elevate your own social status at the expense of somebody that you feel you can make appear lower than yourself. Do you think anybody that isn't just like you would be influenced to agree with you because of a comment like this? No, sir, you are at the very bottom of the social heap.

And you prove that by being the only ones who feel the need to be so repulsive to pull yourselves up a notch. Do you see anybody else doing this? Do you see black people who are so afraid of drowning socially that they jump on the backs of other people struggling to stay afloat and trying to push them under? I don't. That's just you, you anemic reprobate.

I think that *you* are the one who is confused by what the election of President Obama means to the average African-American. Your suggestion of what that is infuriates and nauseates mean. You are *so* unworthy to live among us, you POS. You're the part of America that shames the rest of us. And in my experience, you white supremacists are the dregs of the white race.

You are also threatened by what the election of a black man to the White house means to a loser like you who needs his racial prejudice to shelter him from the reality of what he is. You may be white and in the South, but you're no man, and this election makes it a little more obvious to everyone that knows you how inferior you are to a man like Barack Obama. He has class. You have a double wide. He shot up through the sea of other black children, of college applicants, of other Harvard law students, of other Chicago attorneys, of other Illinois state legislators and then of other national legislators in D.C. including Hillary Clinton to the highest office in the land like a hot knife through butter. And you? Look at yourself.

You need to put the black race down because you feel inferior. You are. Racist posts like this may help you to temporarily forget how meaningless and failed your own life is and give you a moment of comfort which you are willing to take at the expense of others, but I'm here to tell you that they have the opposite effect. They're seen by the rest of us for what they are: the desperate and unprincipled efforts of a loser in the game of life willing to do just about anything to feel better about himself. You don't deserve to feel better about yourself.

You deserve your small, unwashed, unloved, undistinguished life.

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