Saturday, January 24, 2009

Open note to A NeoCon...

I hate that everything in the freaking world is turning into American Idol.

The court ruled... Bush ignored them - but he's gone and thankfully we have now got someone who is a Constitutional Scholar in that office.

The cowboy nonsense won't happen again, if for no other reason than that President Obama UNDERSTANDS the law and what is within the constraints of the Constitution.

Hands down, the weirdest part of the debate is that Progressives like me are arguing FOR the Constitution and the Rule of Law, while NeoCons are arguing that the marginally definable idea of 'safety' trumps the law - and is worthy of finding new and interesting interpretations of the law to arrange.

Extraordinary Rendition? Kidnapping? Black Sites?
That's what we ALL knew the Commies did during the cold war. What the hell happened to make that OK with you guys????

America is NOT a semantic argument.

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