Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Bernie Said, Part I

"The speech delivered by [Senator Bernie] Sanders [I-VT] on Friday ranks among the most important I have ever heard in my life, certainly the single most pertinent expression of fact and outrage that has been delivered in this current climate of "compromise" and collapse. He told more truth in his eight hours than many of us have heard from an elected official in the last ten years, and it would be a disgrace if his eloquence faded into the background without the study and reflection it deserves."
- William Rivers Pitt

Read the rest of what William Rivers Pitt (and Senator Bernie Sanders!) had to say in Part One of this multiple-installment assessment at Truthout.com!

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Sean McKernan said...

I know that *I'm* looking forward to seeing the rest! This sounds like it was about as close as we've come to encountering "Classic Senate Oratory for the Ages" in quite some time! Way to go, Bernie!